Zero down lease deals sept 2020


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Please change you browser settings. Here's just a handful of our latest leasing deals. Hurry, they won't last forever! At Pink Car Leasing, we stock a wide range of car lease deals and van lease deals to suit your budget, with a choice of makes and models for your business and personal leasing needs.

Whether you are looking for your perfect executive car with all the style and sophistication you expect from executive brands such as Mercedes , BMW , Audi or a smaller, economical car or van to suit your needs, including models from Ford , Peugeot , Citroen and many more we have something to suit your every need. Pink Car Leasing is your No. Keep checking our special offers page to see the latest car and van leasing deals!

Here at Pink Vehicle Leasing we believe in complete transparency and finding you the best deal, and unlike other leasing companies we do not charge processing, administration or finance documentation fees. When you lease a new vehicle from Pink Vehicle Leasing we include free UK mainland nationwide delivery direct to your door at no additional cost.

We enjoy strong relationships with manufacturers and lenders and will find you a cost-effective deal which best suits your needs. We also have access to a range of low mileage preowned vehicles available for lease on personal or business contract hire.

We offer a wide range of initial payments starting from 1 month in advance to suit your budget coupled with a variety of contract lengths between 12 months to 72 months. Used car leasing is sometimes called pre-owned car leasing, because you are essentially leasing When choosing a lease car, efficiency is always a critical feature and the Velar You might have Oh No, Javascript is Disabled!

Search Filters. Search Our Deals Use the filters below to find your perfect vehicle. PCP deals for it are pretty tasty too. Yes, the Volkswagen Golf is due for replacement any minute, and yes, the e-Golf's range of miles is modest in today's standards. This four-year contract does have a relatively high mileage allowance of 10, miles per year, but the mileage charge is also high -at 6p per mile.

But still, think of the fuel savings. It may take a sizeable deposit to get behind the wheel of this S90, but significant contributions from Volvo and interest-free credit shrink the monthly outlay. The MINI Convertible blends iconic looks, a fun drive and the promise of roof-down fun, and despite a 3. The brand-new Clio may not look all that different from the old one, but it's made massive leaps forwards inside. It feels like a premium product inside, and much chicer than previous models. It's almost as nice as a much, much more expensive Audi A1.

The Clio on offer comes with Renault's 7-inch portrait style infotainment screen, hands free key accesS, and alloy wheels. That gets you the nippy turbocharged 1. Buying a commercial vehicle for cash? The Mitsubishi L won Best Pickup in the Parkers Awards, and the comfortable and capable Warrior double cab is great for business and pleasure. It's due for replacement later in the year - but the current version will be sold alongside the Series 6 L Stick to the hp models for power and better all-wheel drive capability.

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The Jeep Renegade is a city-friendly SUV with authentic off-road capability , but it's only when you get into the higher-spec models that you get the full experience. Don't want diesel or need all-wheel drive? Similar discounts mean you can get a 1.

Not much for a high-specification luxury convertible. When it comes to discounts, it's normally high-performance cars and off-roaders that come with the smallest savings.

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  • Not this speedy SUV, though. What was popular yesterday is a niche today. And what's popular now is obscure next week.

    Meanwhile, the mid-size-truck market was dormant and apparently dying just a few years back. Now it's a robust segment with established machinery like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado having to fight the reborn Ford Ranger and second-generation Honda Ridgeline. Finding the best lease deal in these competitive environments means doing your research. There's no substitute for that hard work when it comes to getting the best deal.

    Featured here are the factory-backed, factory-advertised lease deals. The best deal for you may not be any of them. This is a survey of manufacturer websites. It isn't a comprehensive roundup, and most manufacturer deals are regional ones.

    It's a useful look at what's out there, but what's available near anyone who doesn't live in these ZIP codes will differ. The three best-selling vehicles in America this year are all full-size pickup trucks.

    The Chevrolet Equinox comes in at number nine. There are only three sedans in the top Right now, the standard family vehicle is the small SUV. Trunks are so That in mind, we're not covering luxury brands here. Acura, Audi, BMW, and most other prestige makers all have products of similar size, but they're too hoity and even more toity to be considered mainstream. This is about real crossovers for people on a budget. And the competition for customers could hardly be more fierce. Some highlights:. The all-new Escape is already crowding Ford dealer lots, so they need to get rid of the s still in inventory.